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A word about our groomers...

Remember to thank our groomer crew for the fine work and dedication they give to the club and to YOU by keeping our trails the best in the county! These guys go out at all hours of the night and in all weather conditions to make sure the trails are smooth, safe and well marked. We could not survive without their help.

Thank a groomer today!

  • Groomer Coordinator: John Griffith

  • Darin Smith

  • Jayme Conti

  • John Mellon

  • Brian Haskins

  • Mark Cowen

  • Jason Green

  • Brad Griffith

  • Gary Risley

  • Bryce Larson

  • Warren Kinney

  • Mike McFarland

  • Chris Risley

  • Collin Beaver

  Get Adobe Reader logo Click here for our Membership Application (.pdf) 

Annual club membership is $35.00 (all clubs in the county have the same membership fee) or stop by a club meeting to fill out a membership application or to renew your membership.  The members of our club receive a free county-wide trail map and our club newsletter. Club members also, automatically, become members of the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA).    

The trails in our club's territory are available due to the generosity of over 150 private landowners

  • the fund-raising efforts of club members to pay for: trail markers/signs, Class A trail groomers, bridges, culverts, trail clearing, etc., 

  • the donations and help we receive from area businesses, 

  • New York trail grant funds (your registration dollars) that help us to provide trail maintenance for 45 miles of funded corridor trails and many more miles of club trails,

  • the incredible efforts of our volunteer club members!


Our club meets on the first & third Tuesday of each month at Feegan's Witch Kitch (on the trail) in Sinclairville, NY at 7:30PM.  Our meeting times and dates are posted on our website on the Events Calendar page and they are also listed in our monthly newsletter. The newsletter goes out to all our members, advertisers and also to the landowners on our trail system.

Our 2017-2018  club officers are: 

We have nine members on our Board of Directors:

  • Herb Best
  • Julie Lacki
  • Frank Greco
  • Lance Hedlund
  • Curt Jones
  • Brad Griffith
  • Don Cornell
  • Jordan Ricotta
  • Josh Ricotta

Trail Coordinator for the 2017-2018 season: Don Cornell (- 716) 450-3043

List of club members that maintain each section of the trails in our territory (these folks could use your help):

Trail C4A - Gerry Bridge / Kimball Stand area - Roger Zahm 
Trail C1D - Rte 60 (railroad bed) to Tri-James - Herb Best, Gary Risley, Chris Risley 
Trail C1D - Rodeo Grounds / Ross Mills railroad bed - Herb Best
Trail C1D - Ross Mills / Knight Road - Todd Beckerink
Trail C1D - behind Breezewood Golf Course / Harris Hill / Hanson Roads - Curt, Anna & Aubry Jones
Trail C1D - Waterman Road / Dean Roads - Shawn Hough, Sue Hough
Trail C1D - Breezewood Golf Course - Leon Beightol, Troy Beightol
Club Trail - Harris Hill State Land / Gerry-Ellington / 28 Creek Roads - Adam Porebski, Chris and Dave Mallard
Club Trail - Herrick / Harris Hill Roads -  Don Cornell
Trail S18 - Terry Road to Hatch Creek State Land - Gary Risley, Don Cornell, Sean Egan
Trail S18 - Hatch Creek State Land / Engdahl Road  - Don Cornell, Sean Egan
Trail S19 - (Witch Kitch trail) - Don Cornell,  Sean Egan, Chris Risley
Trail C1C - Hagerdon / Risley /Thornton / Old Chautauqua Roads - Bob Volpe, Dave Robbins
Trail S17 - Thornton Road Bridge / Mutton Hill / Wade Hill Roads to Ellington Hardwood - Danny Ansell
Trail S17 - behind Ellington Hardwood to Watson Road to Waterboro Hill Road - Mark Cowen 
Trail S17 and Trail C1 - Waterboro Hill Road to Leach Hill Road - Warren Kinney, Joe Finch, Justin Kinney
Trail C1 - from Waterboro Hill Road to Goodwin's Landing - Warren Kinney, Justin Kinney, Tim Shields
Trail C1 - from Renaissance Christmas Tree Farm to Leach Hill Road to Waterboro - Dan Steward
Trail C1 - Kennedy and trail S13 into Kennedy - Ed Hoene
Trail C1 - Wolcott Road / Waterman Road - Brad Griffith, Mike McFarland
Trail C1 - Waterman Road / Ellington Street to Renaissance Christmas Tree Farm - Brad Griffith
Trail C1 - 28 Creek / Ellington Rod and Gun - Bryce Larson and Brian Haskins.
Trail C1 - Gerry-Ellington / Harris Hollow Roads - Michelle Cornell - Bryan Malcoff 
Trail C1 - Harris Hollow / Hagerdon Hill / Thornton Roads - Danny Ansell
Trail C1 - Hagerdon Hill / Old Chautauqua / Bates - Bob Volpe
Trail C1 - fields above Edson Road to Thornton/Swanson Road -  Charlie Lacki
Trail C1 - big fields behind Cockcaigne (Engdahl Road) - Charlie Lacki
Club Trail - Wolcott Road from C1 to South Hill Road into Ellington - Brad Griffith, Keith Kresconko
Club Trail - Old Chautauqua/Risley Roads - Bob Volpe
Trail S13 - Kennedy / Swamp Road / County Line Road - The Elibomwons (Randolph) Snowmobile Club

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