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Thank you all for all the fun you gave US!

The new season is upon us - This is a general call to all trail captains (and those who wish to add a helping hand...

\Well itís that time of year, for those trail captains thank you in advance for taking the time to mark your sections, if you encounter any issues you need help with let me know. I do have posts, reflectors and signs in my barn if needed. We have been out thru out the summer fixing a couple issues with bridges that we lost during the spring rain.

The following is a list of projects and or inspections that need to be done, if one of the inspections are on your section of trail PLEASE take the time to evaluate the condition and let me know if work is needed and or all is ok so I can mark it off the list of things to do . the following list is not in any order of importance as they all are.


Some updates and follow up as of 9-27-15 - appear in BOLD

  1. Smittyís bridge  on S18C  we lost this in the spring storm, it has been repaired .
  2. Yoderís sluice pipe ( across from Breeze wood golf ) on 1D .it has been repaired.
  3. Mayes/Maloy bridge  we lost this completely in the spring rain storm this is in the process of being reset , work in progress with the Ellery Snow cruisers , we will need the bridge crew upon resetting the iron , more to follow when ready to deck it.
    • MAYES /MALOY BRIDGE  the bridge has been dismantled and is out of the creek, the Iron is at a welders shop being refabricated, more to follow.

  4. Deveraux bridge , Brian called we do have some erosion on the bank, Shawn Hough looked at this and states will be ok unless we were to get another MAJOR storm we will keep an eye on this.
  5. Knight rd. Bridge ( almost a disaster ) the bridge has been reset and cabled to 2 different trees to hopefully not have an issue again. It has been repaired. Some minor dozer work and 1 sluice pipe needs to covered .
    • KNIGHT RD BRIDGE  this is scheduled to be finished up Sunday 10-4-15
  6. 28th creek rd. and Harris Hill , sluice pipe need recovered this iswork in progress , Kevin and I were on site Sunday 9-13 , this should be completed within the next two weeks depending on the weather.
  7. ATT line between Lindís and Tenpas sluice pipe need to be covered , Kevin and I are on this.
    • ATT LINE  yes it is a mess summer 4 wheeler activity has torn it up and pipes do need recovered , this is on Kevinís schedule.
  8. Nort Tarr area between Gerry Ellington and  28th creek , evaluate bridge and culvert. Mentioned last year by trail captain bridge needed repair and culvert possibly recovered.
    • NORT TARR ( OHNMIES PROPERTY ) We did inspect and the bridge needs to be completely replaced, Adam is doing a water calculation to see if we can do a culvert in lieu of a new bridge , more to follow.

  9. Mattison culvert evaluate.
    • MATTISON CULVERT  I spoke Jim Mattison and YES it does need to be recovered as about Ĺ of it has wash out, Jim is cking on the status of bow hunters and will let us know . more to follow
  10. Rodeo grounds bridge evaluate, we know this bridge is not passable for the groomer if time and $ avail this is on top of the list.
    • RODEO GRONDS needs to be inspected.  HERBIE ??
  11. Swanson rd. bridge at Tenpas , this bridge does need to be repaired it is also on top of the list.
    • SWANSON RD BRIDGE  needs to be inspected  CHARLIE/DON ??  (** SEE NOTE BELOW ** )
  12. Christmas tree farm bridge  this need to be inspected to be sure no damage from spring storm.
    • CHRISTMAS TREE FARM BRIDGE needs to be inspected , Don Robbins is taking over as the trail captain for this are and he is on this
  13. S17 bridge needs to be inspected.
    • S17 BRIDGE  needs inspected  Dave Robbins is on this
  14. Dan Steward bridge needs to be inspected.
    • STEWARD BRIDGE  Dan Steward please get to this and let me know
  15. Cowen bridge I stopped 9-14 this is in good shape.
  16. New potential project ** ATT LINE COCKAIGNE ** we finally have the approval from JACK Vanscoter to turn this in to a trail, this will by-pass the TENPAS HILL that we cannot groom, if hunters/ weather/ equipment operator time permits this MAY happen this year and if so the #11 SWANSON RD BRIDGE will be relocated . we are awaiting the names of the hunters who have leased the property. Dave Crossley is on this




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